the healthy meal plan which actually tastes nice

If you’re looking to lose weight, or stick to a more balanced diet, then it can be hard not to go down the two pieces of lettuce for lunch route. If you’re exercising frequently, then you need filling meals and snacks to fuel your workouts, but you also need this food to assist in seeing results. Eating a variety of foods in moderation will not only provide a well balanced diet, but it will also make sticking to a meal plan less painful.

For me, Monday’s are important in setting the tone for the whole week. If you start your week by exercising and eating well, then the likelihood is this will carry on all week.


13115821_653470448127582_772249759_n.jpgBreakfast- Slices of Banana and Honey on Gluten Free Oat Crackers

Snack- An Orange & A glass of Green Tea or A glass of Cranberry Juice

Lunch- Chicken, Cucumber and Mayo in a wholegrain deli wrap


Tea- Stir Fried Beef, Red/Green peppers, Mushrooms and Rice in a Blackbean Sauce


If you’ve had a productive workout on the Monday then it’s good to start the day off with a lot of protein, followed by a light lunch and limited snacks.


13140525_653470484794245_827909778_n Breakfast- Scrambled Eggs on Brown Toast with Fresh Tomatoes


Lunch- Broken up pieces of Salmon, Lettuce, Cucumber and Tomato with a low fat drizzle of Caesar Dressing

Snack- Banana

Tea- Stir-Fried Lamb with Mushrooms, Potato Wedges, Pitta Bread, Salad and Tzatziki 


Small and Light meals today. I usually do Abs on a Wednesday night, so this preparation is important for a high intensity workout.


13101412_650721021735858_506242710_nBreakfast- Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Banana, Natural Yoghurt and Honey blended into a Smoothie. If you want something more filling, try also adding some broken down Weetabix

Snack- ‘Healthy Living’ Chocolate & Caramel Bar

Lunch- Tuna, Cucumber, Tomato and Lettuce with Pasta (cooked the night before then cooled is best)


Tea- Chicken, Cashew Nuts, Mushrooms and Rice in a Yellow Bean sauce


The temptation for a bar of chocolate or a packet of crisps is probably quite high by now, but if you stick to your plan for one more day Friday allows for a cheat meal/snack. My previous nights Ab session usually means I’m more hungry than usual, so there’s 3 fairly big meals and two snacks.


12920957_641629055978388_1955379954_nBreakfast- Slices of Apple dipped into natural, crunchy Peanut Butter

Snack- Proper Corn Lightly Sea-Salted Popcorn

Lunch- Chicken and Potato salad with a low-fat Caesar dressing.

Snack- Weightwatchers Strawberry and Cranberry bar

Tea- Tuna Steak and Noodles in a Yellow Bean Sauce. Recipe for this meal is under Food & Snacks


The best day of the week mean’s that you can either have a cheat meal or a cheat snack. I usually enjoy a cheat snack of melted chocolate mixed in with cornflakes, or I’ll bake some cakes. Breakfast and Snacks are pretty light in order to help balance the treat.


13153280_653483334792960_1503879495_n.jpgBreakfast- Weetabix or Special K with Banana and Blueberries


Snack- Bowl of Summer Berries with low fat Yoo Moo Vanilla Frozen Yoghurt

Tea- Chicken Caesar Salad. Chicken, croutons, grated cheese and Caesar dressing, but don’t add the bacon.


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