Blue Waters

IMG_0790.jpgThe Caribbean is a place where you instantly feel relaxed. The outstanding beauty, friendly locals and breathtaking beaches make you feel like you really have entered paradise. The island of Antigua is no exception to this. I stayed at the Blue Waters Resort & Spa, which is located on the North-West side of the Island. This location was perfect in terms of distance from the airport, easy access to the capital of St John’s as well as being on the main route of many excursions and day trips.

The resort had everything you desire in a hotel, but nothing they offered could beat the view that you woke up to every morning. The crystal clear water coupled with the pristine, sandy beaches meant that it was easy to realise that you had already instragrammed 15+ posts within 2 days of being there.

The three restaurants all delivered impeccable food with the traditional fruity Caribbean spice. If you are a fitness fanatic like myself and you enjoy eating healthy, even on holiday, then Antigua makes it easy. Endless amounts of fresh fruit and vegetable prevent you from feeling even slightly guilty about swaying from your usual routine. The copious amounts of sun result in you drinking bottle after bottle of water, and coupled with the free iced smoothies which are served twice a day, it’s easy to forget about sugary cocktails.

IMG_0857.jpgMany argue that holidays are meant for relaxing and that diet and exercise shouldn’t come into concern. But if not exercising for two weeks sends you into a slight mental breakdown then there is plenty you can do to prevent this. Seeing as the sun rises so early in the Caribbean you often find yourself completely awake at just gone 7am. Utilising this hour before breakfast to go swimming, do a workout or have a game of tennis not only gets your day off to a great start but it comforts you in your daily quota of fitness. My main source of exercise whilst I was there was swimming. I found doing 20 lengths in the morning and 20 at night was not only a nice change from the usual treadmill cardio, but a great way to cool down from the 30 degree heat.

The capital of Antigua, St Johns, can only be described as going back in time. It has a rather rustic, yet vibrant feel which is instantly refreshing. You can easily walk round the whole city in half an hour, but as you wander off the main track there are plenty of quaint shops and bars where you can enjoy the rest of your time in St John’s.

13181190_654214351386525_1052160499_n.jpgLike all the islands there are many excursions and trips available to tourists throughout the year.  Our chosen day trip involved a high speed stint on a speedboat around the island, a visit to the literally breath-taking English harbour and a coral reef snorkelling session. The main benefit to booking an excursion is that you often get to visit private beaches and untouched bay’s, which allow you to feel like you really are the only people on the island. All three aspects of the trip were equally amazing and surprisingly, as a tanning fanatic, it made a nice change from consecutively lying round the pool.

Antigua is the type of holiday which you still find yourself dreaming about months later. The sheer luxury of Blue Waters coupled with the colourful and cultural sites on the island mean that although its past visitors may all be thinking about something that little bit different when they are asked about their time on the island, the result is still the same. They all wish to be back.

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