how to stay motivated

Staying motivated is without a doubt the hardest aspect of reaching your fitness goal. There are so many temptations of nights out, takeaways and telling yourself that you’ll “just start next week”. Once you fast forward to 6 months down the line you enter a stage where you couldn’t imagine your life without exercising and healthy eating, so motivation comes a lot more easily. For those in the early make or break period here are a few ways to help you stay motivated.

Progress Pictures-  Try and take progress pictures of the area you’re working on every two weeks. It’s easy to get frustrated after a quick glance in the mirror where nothing seems to be changing, but when comparing a still image you will soon start to see a difference, even if it’s only small to begin with.

Cheat meal once a week- Having something to look forward to is key to staying motivated. Plan and buy your meal or ingredients at the start of the week so when you’re really depressed at the thought of entering the gym you can mentally picture your reward.

Find a role model- For me, having a fitness role model is what fuels a lot of my motivation. Most fitness models and ambassadors are active on all social media platforms, constantly posting pictures, videos and routines. Not only do these provide inspiration for your own workouts, but they also give you something to ultimately aspire to. I was lucky enough to recently meet my role model, Paige Hathaway, at an expo in Birmingham. Seeing her in person re-energised my motivation to a whole new level, making me even more determined to reach my goal.

Take exercise out of the gym- If once the summer arrives you become a full-time tan addict there can be nothing more painful than going the gym on a sunny day. Luckily, there are lots of different types of exercise you can do outdoors. Go for a long walk, a vigorous run or grab a friend and go and do a 20 minute HILT workout in the garden.

Buy an item of clothing a size smaller- Purchasing an amazing piece of clothing a size below what you currently are is a great way to stay focused on your fitness goal. Planning to wear the item for an event or special occasion ensures that for the weeks leading up to the event you will have to stay completely motivated by eating the right foods and enduring regular exercise in order to ensure losing weight.

Get up early to workout- It’s a well-known and obvious fact that your motivation levels are higher in the morning in comparison to the end of a working day. Making the effort to get up early and workout means that you are guilt free for the rest of the day, and because of the endorphins released during exercise you are also more likely to be in a better mood too.

Meal Plan- Having a meal plan is a big part of securing your motivation for the week ahead. A lot of the time people only resort to fast food out of ease and lack of preparation. By prepping your meals at the beginning of the week you are saving yourself a lot of time as well as the guilt of eating a bad meal.

Change your phone wallpaper to your body goal- Setting your phone wallpaper to a picture of your ideal body goal acts as a very successful second conscience. Whenever you check your phone you are reminded of your aspiration which, sometimes, is all you need in order to say no to that packet of crisps or give you that extra boost for going to the gym.

Keep track of routines- After consistently exercising for a few weeks you’ll soon find that for certain exercises you are able to do more reps or increase the weight. Keeping a record of the evolution of your routines is a great way to track your improvement. The proud feeling of realising your progress instantly boosts your spirits and massively contributes to your motivation.

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