Fat Burning Oblique Workout

A lot of women have no desire for a full on six pack. The majority just want to have those nice toned lines either side of their stomach. Training your obliques to a high intensity is the best way to burn the fat off your sides, therefore achieving this look. These exercises are arguably a lot less painful than your usual ab focused workout, but if done properly you will definitely feel the ache the next day.

Bicycle Move

13318679_663703377104289_189627987_n.jpgThis move is extremely simple but very effective. Bring your bent leg towards you whilst leaning in from the opposite side. Alternate quickly between both legs ensuring that you keep your stomach locked throughout the exercise. Repeat 20 times on each leg and try and do this for 2 sets.


Russian Twists


This exercise perfectly targets your obliques. Use a heavy kettlebell and swing it from side to side ensuring that it never touches the ground. The hardest, yet most important, aspect of this exercise is to keep your body and legs balanced, the only section of your body which should be moving are your arms. Repeat this 10 times on each side for 2 sets.


Weighted Lean Down

13329861_663703347104292_673732238_n.jpgThis may look easy, but using a heavy weight and leaning towards the ground is a great way to tighten up your obliques. Try to look ahead and keep your whole body, apart from the side you’re working on, completely straight. Repeat this 15 times on each side for 2 sets.


Side Heel Touches

13349102_663703463770947_94193100_n.jpgQuick, side heel touches are very effective when it comes to training your obliques. Elevate the top of your body slightly off the ground so you can keep your stomach firmly locked in. Keep a fast pace and aim to be doing a touch per second. Repeat this 20 times on each side for 2 sets. If you are able to do a more advanced version then use a handheld weight.


High Touches

13342100_663703447104282_1359318647_n.jpgThe key to this exercise is to do it slowly and very controlled. Start by lying on your back and gently reaching your arm over to the opposite leg. Lower your leg down to a few inches off the ground and then repeat 10 times for 2 sets. Again, if you are able to do a more advanced version then use a handheld weight.


Mountain Climbers

13340664_663703320437628_1152002597_o.jpgMountain climbers are a good exercise for both your obliques and also a bit of a cardio. Start in a plank position then alternately bring your legs towards your hands. Try to keep a fast pace and continue doing so for a full minute. Repeat this twice.

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