Holiday Countdown: How to feel bikini body ready

The final week before you go on holiday is always a stressful time. Between last minute shopping and trying to stick to your luggage allowance it’s hard to fit in extensive routines and diet plans to ensure you’re feeling bikini body ready. But the reality is, you don’t need a quick juice diet or to spend 2 hours on the treadmill during that final week, you just need to do regular spurts of exercise and make a few small changes to your meals.

Set a Realistic Goal 

It’s highly unlikely that in the last few sessions before your holiday you’re going to manage to drop 3 dress sizes and get a bum which engulfs your previous bikini bottoms, so make sure you set a realistic goal. Whether this is to see some improvements around your stomach, to lose some of the fat off your arms or to tone around your thighs, these are all areas which can quickly change.

Limited Carbs

There’s no denying that giving up the usual heaps of bread, pasta and chips is physically painful, but the difference a low carb diet can make in a short period is amazing. Try and replace your usual comfort meals with lots of fish, veg and fruit and not only will you start to see a difference in your stomach, but you’ll also feel a lot less tired and drowsy.

Only have Natural Sugars 

For the final countdown to your holiday try and avoid processed sugar and only have foods which are derived from natural sugars. The majority of your sugar cravings will now have to come from the likes of fruit and honey and unsweetened juices. Apples, Bananas and Pineapples are amongst the best foods to have if you need a healthy sugar kick.

High Intensity 

In terms of the best workout routines to quickly get in shape high intensity, or HILT, is top of the list. Creating a short circuit of around 20 minutes which makes you come out of the gym dripping with sweat is the most effective way to see rapid changes in your body. High intensity is based around short periods of exercise at a very fast pace and is said to burn almost double the calories of a normal workout. Some good exercises include the spin bike, treadmill sprints, jumping squats, burpees and boxing movements.

Drink lots of Green Tea

Even though, taste wise, it is my least favourite thing to drink, Green Tea does wonders for both your body and your skin. The antioxidants boost your metabolic rate which increases your body’s ability to burn fat, making green tea a great way to detox. If you also struggle with the taste then have a look at my green tea, mint and lime cooler here.

Tailor your bikinis to your confidence level

If you’re still feeling self-conscious about some areas of your body, then tailoring bikinis to your body shape is a great way to feel ten times better. If you’re not as happy with the lower part of your body, then perhaps lean more towards buying some high-waisted bikinis. Not only do they make you look slimmer around the stomach but they also give a natural lift to your bum. If you’re happy with your legs and your bum, but you’re self-conscious around your stomach, then opt for a full swimsuit, so you can show off the parts you’re confident about.

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