Where to go in Prague

Unlike many of Europe’s other cities, Prague is definitely a place to visit just for the weekend. Despite it being the nicest city I’ve visited there are only a few key sights worth seeing, the rest is spent wandering around trying to resist your sixth strawberry and chocolate kebab.

Charles Bridge

13939533_695044717303488_7304448459095459797_nThis infamous bridge which connects the old town to the new town is well worth the visit. It’s best to walk over early morning, before the main tours and groups of tourists start to filter in around 10am, so you can take it at your own leisure. From the bridge you get the most amazing views of both towns and your walk is also accompanied by jazz bands which are based there throughout the day.


John Lennon Wall

13925224_695044793970147_2738023614707265956_n.jpgDating back to the World War 2 communism struggles this was by far my favourite thing in Prague. The wall is completely covered with bright, colourful messages of peace and love which you could spend hours reading. Again, the wall gets busier as the day progresses so try and get their early as this really is worth the visit.


River Cruise

13932891_695044750636818_1806307023845396321_n.jpgSeeing as you’re only in Prague for a short amount of time the river cruise is a great way to spend an hour of your day. Not only do you get to see many key sights but it also helps in getting your bearings between the Old Town, New Town and the Jewish Quarter. Everything in Prague is ridiculously cheap and the boat, with wifi and a bar, worked out to only £10 each.


Chocolate Museum

13892353_695048613969765_2398727028291862024_n.jpgBeing my guilty pleasure, I was very excited that there was a museum built around it. Located in the Old Town it’s a nice way to spend a few hours and successfully come out 3 stone heavier. There are combinations of chocolate you never would have imagined existed and the pre-made chocolate and strawberry kebabs are hands down the best thing I have ever tasted.


Car Tour

13902821_695045650636728_7820151328356726480_n.jpgOne of Prague’s best sights is the castle which is built on a very, very, very steep hill. Hiring one of the many old fashioned, open top cars for 30 minutes is a great way to see the castle and have a quick tour of the Old Town whilst you’re at it. It saves the walk and you get a pretty picture in front of the castle. Win win.



Hotel U Prince Rooftop Bar

13962757_325962691127216_1731824750142118864_n.jpgIf you want to get away from the never ending stag and hen do’s and swarms of tourists then this hotel rooftop bar is the perfect place. With views overlooking the astronomical clocks if you time your cocktail on the hour you get to see the famous spinning ritual. A bit more pricey than the beer cheaper than water bars but still well worth the visit.



13912780_695044797303480_1975226689017614353_n.jpgIf you’re into high end shopping then this street could easily challenge Paris, New York and London. With every shop imaginable nestled in between swanky restaurants and coffee shops you’re able to shop peacefully without the usual hustle and bustle of the other sites.




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