Why you shouldn’t freak out if your fitness goal changes

As a previous post explains, my fitness goal has changed several times since I started training seriously. I went from working towards the typical cardio inspired ‘athletic’ look, to putting all my effort into heavy weights and living for leg day. This is COMPLETELY normal when you start to really enjoy fitness as, like anything in life, your goals are there to be challenged.

For the last 6 months my fitness goal has been directed towards my whole body looking muscly and defined in time for summer. I started including more structured arm and back workouts, previously I had just been adding random exercises onto the end of my main workouts, as well as being super strict with my diet. I’m definitely pleased with the progress and I’ve found that I’ve also learnt a lot about my body, both exercise and diet wise, because of this intensive period. I carried on training through family holidays to Jersey, Prague and Italy so it was amazing to also see just how much exercising in the heat effects your calorie burning. However, I recently went on holiday to Zante with my best friend and, as implied by the location, I was definitely not going to be visiting the gym. I pretty much lived off chicken burgers and drank more water than I have ever drank in my whole life in order to try and shift the hangovers, so diet wise (excluding the vodka) it wasn’t a complete disaster.

It’s always amazed me what a short period of time can do to your body, for the better or for the worse, but surprisingly when I returned from Zante I was happy with the change in my body. Living off chicken had obviously packed a lot of protein onto my legs and bum, as they looked a lot thicker, and my arms looked a lot bulkier too. I’d been in and out the pool due to the nearly 40 degree temperatures so my abs had pretty much stayed the same thanks to regular swimming, which was a pleasant surprise after all the alcohol. So thanks to a messy girls holiday my new fitness goal is now to stop my 6 months cut and to start bulking.

How I’m Doing This-

  • Calories. Calories. Calories- I’m upping my calories to nearly double what they were on my lead up to summer. Instead of increasing the size of my meals I’m now splitting them, so instead of having three big meals a day I’m aiming for 4 or 5 smaller ones.
  • Protein- Increasing your protein intake is one of the best ways to add muscle so with every meal I’m making sure there’s either a good source of egg, chicken, beef, fish, milk or protein powder. I’m also using My Protein’s pancake mix to add extra protein to my breakfast, or to use as a snack.
  • Less Cardio- The obvious way to lose weight is excessive cardio, so for the time being I’m limiting it to just two light sessions a week.

So all in all you shouldn’t freak out if you find yourself aspiring towards a different physique all of a sudden. Keeping things fresh and regularly updating your goals is what makes fitness so exciting.

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