How to still live a healthy life at uni

There are many different stereotypes of students at university, but perhaps the most prominent is that you are suddenly thrown into a life of 24/7 drinking, limited sleep and endless takeaways. As this is fairly accurate for a lot of students, particularly during freshers, it can be really hard to establish a routine which enables you to still live a healthy life whilst balancing your degree, social life and the main hardship of uni: laundry. So, here are my top tips for still leading a healthy life.

Plan your meals:

Organisation is an incredibly big part of uni so simply planning your meals at the beginning of the week saves you a lot of time, and also prevents the last resort calls to the takeaway or the endless pizza’s from the uni shop. Not only this, it will also save you a HUGE amount of money in the long run. Buying basic items such as pasta, rice and frozen fruit and veg in bulk means that you only need to buy a few fresh essentials each week.

Pick your mixers carefully: 

Going out and socialising is another big aspect of uni, and with so many flat nights out, course drinks and sports socials you’re going to become very familiar with the dreadful supermarkets own alcohol brand. Spirits themselves aren’t particularly unhealthy, it’s the drink you’re mixing it with which is the problem. Instead of a fizzy drink or red bull try and mix it up whilst you’re on a night out and opt for the occasional lime and soda, or even better lime and water mixer. Also, try to avoid lots of VK style drinks, although admittedly they do taste amazing, they are packed with 30g of sugar per bottle, which is the equivalent of two large slices of chocolate fudge cake.

Join a sports club: 

Joining a sport at uni is one of the best ways to meet new people whilst also getting some great, intense exercise. Most clubs train for 2+ hours per week, as well as competing in various matches and tournaments, so you’re in a great position to be able to keep up your fitness levels.

Go to fitness classes: 

Most uni’s have award winning sports facilities with great opportunities to try new things. Gathering up your flat or course mates and booking onto a fitness class is a great way to spend time together and come out feeling like you’ve mutually achieved something. Fitness classes such as Les Mills’ Body Combat and Body Pump are amazing stress relievers and they are sure to put you in a kickass mood all day.

Avoid too many ready meals: 

Although the easy option is to cook a pizza or shove a lasagne in the oven, too much of these processed meals will start to affect your body, making you sluggish and un-motivated, due to the lack of nutrients. Try to make something fresh everyday, whether it’s chicken and tomatoes to put in some pasta, a salad for in-between lectures or even a big bowl of fruit. All of these ingredients are full of vitamins and minerals which will help you feel better in yourself, especially during stressful periods. Inevitably, there will be certain times where you just want comfort food which is fine, because balancing your food is all part of a healthy lifestyle.

Try to be a morning person: 

On the days where you have limited or no lectures, and you haven’t been out until 4am the night before, try and be a morning person. Exercising in the morning is scientifically proven to stimulate both your mood and your mind-set for the day ahead. So a good gym session, followed by a super healthy breakfast will put you in a great place to get some work done and go out that night knowing you deserve it.

Drink plenty of water:

Drinking water throughout the day is so important in living a healthy lifestyle. Among the many benefits, it reduces fatigue, assists with digestion, flushes out toxins and keeps your skin glowing. Although its tempting to drink 5 coffee’s before 11am on a monday morning, try and stick to water, and aim for 8-10 glasses a day.

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