How to make your uni room feel like home

As going to uni is such a big and often, daunting step in your life it’s important to make your room feel as much like home as possible. There are so many ways to change your scarce, often not ideally coloured, room into somewhere where you’re happy to spend a lot of your time.


Colour Scheme

Choosing a colour scheme is a great way to tie your whole room together. On the majority of uni websites you will be able to preview the type of accommodation you’ll be living in, therefore you’ll be able to get a feel towards what the core colours of the carpet, curtains and walls are. If there are limited pictures of your accommodation, it’s always worth searching for videos on You Tube where many first year students have uploaded room tours from a variety of universities. Opting towards a fairly neutral core colour scheme can be beneficial, so you have plenty of leeway in accessorising and personalising your room.



Once you’ve purchased all the boring, stable kitchen utensils it’s time to shop for more personal items which will really bring your room to life. From cute jewellery stands to fairy lights to motivational plaques, all these items go a long way in making you feel at home, as well as helping to keep your room organised. Most first year rooms have a limited number of drawers and storage space so my number one recommendation is plenty of storage baskets. Many different retailers offer a wide variety of baskets, drawers and make-up holders but I would personally recommend both Home Sense and The Range purely for their aesthetic aspect, not just their functional one.



One of the hardest parts of moving away from home is the sudden distance between you and your family and friends. Although you can’t see them everyday, putting up pictures all around your room of some of your favourite memories is a really effective way in battling home sickness. There are a number of different apps which print and send you your chosen pictures in less than a week, I chose Photo Box as I wanted mine to have a polaroid effect.



Seeing as first years start their term in either September or October the season’s are already starting to change, and depending on where you are in the country, they can change pretty quickly. There is nothing worse than moving somewhere new for the first time and being confronted by long, dark nights, so including fairy lights or light-up photo frames around your room can make a big difference in your overall mood.

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