Perspective, Perspective, Perspective

On THAT day when everything that could possibly go wrong, goes wrong, it’s important to think and consider that ever important P word. Pessimist? Pointless? Powerless? Paige? (Alas, no). It is in fact, perspective.

I have recently been involved in a variety of situations in which I’ve forced myself to gain perspective. From nearly suffering heart failure after discovering a dessert I had just eaten contained 60g of sugar, to lying motionless in bed after binge-watching yet another Netflix series, which successfully took over my life. These are small, unimportant things which should never have needed perspective in the first place, but we all have those days.

Aside from these shameful confessions, there is one situation which urgently required me to re-think my perspective, and I think it’s an important one to share. Over the past few months, I have been training for the London Half Marathon in order to raise money for the Institute of Cancer Research. For all the hard core, experienced marathon runners this is, quite literally, a walk (well, run) in the park. But, for a girl whose passion for weight training consequently results in absolutely 0 cardio ability, a 13 mile run is a big deal.

At times, training has been a struggle, but I counteracted this negativity by reminding myself that the pain I was suffering was entirely my choice. So, every time that I’ve felt like my ankle was going to give way, I’ve been tempted to snooze my alarm or the cold temperatures have tried their best to deter me, I’ve forced my mind to gain perspective. I’m choosing to suffer the pain which comes with training but, unlike me, cancer patients do not have a choice in the pain that they endure. This is the thought which I will be carrying throughout the run next weekend.

Whether you need to gain perspective in terms of your fitness, your health, your work ethic or your relationships, it is important to consider it as a whole, rather than individual aspects. If it’s your physical fitness which you want to improve, don’t let this overshadow your relationships, your work ethic or your mental health. I’ve learnt this the hard way, upon where I’ve been so obsessive over my fitness and healthy eating in the past, that my relationships have suffered because I wasn’t letting myself have any down time, cheat days or quite frankly, any fun. Therefore, the perfect word that I’d choose to go with perspective is balance.

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